Who We Are

Our team of four owners have a combined 60 years in the beverage industry, having held CEO, President, Sr. VP of Production, and Director of Supply Chain titles for major craft breweries including Widmer, Redhook, Craft Brew Alliance and co-packers such as Portland Bottling and Trailblazer Foods. Our team has managed facilities large and small, more recently having managed facilities that produce more than 10 million cases per year. 

Craft Growth Group is a service provider and a consultant. We are not a broker. We partner with our clients to achieve the goals they set out. Clients keep their current packaging, they do not need to change. The pricing we negotiate on each client’s behalf is transparent to them, and we receive a share of the savings as compensation from the client, creating alignment of interests and incentive for us to negotiate the best deals possible while maintaining quality and service. The most fruitful relationships occur when we are truly seen as partners to our clients.