A Collaborative Concept for Food and Beverage Companies


Receive the benefits of scale while retaining your independence

Imagine a service that can help you increase your profit with less work. 

Craft Growth Group can significantly lower your input costs, thereby saving you large sums of money. In most cases we save our clients at least $100,000 per year and often much more.

In fact, we saved an average of well over $500,000 per implemented client in 2018. 

How do we do this? We do it by aggregating the purchasing volume of a group of food and beverage companies. Our clients collectively bought 100 million glass bottles in 2018, along with the associated secondary components such as master/mother cartons, dividers, crowns/caps, litho boxes, and carriers. To this volume we add our extensive pricing intelligence, industry contacts, and previous experience as supply chain experts at one of the largest craft breweries in the US.   

Coordinating and implementing this type of purchasing power requires time, patience and a lot of work. For this reason we have hand-picked a group of clients who have the volume and/or the growth potential required to benefit themselves as well as the larger group.

Together, we achieve what most companies cannot by themselves. This is our sole focus.  

Our Clients

In 2015 we implemented savings with our first client, and since then have added many others. Our current clients include Ninkasi Brewing Company, Brew Dr. Kombucha, Stumptown Coffee, Big Easy Bucha, Rogue Brewing Company, DRY Soda, Soma Kombucha, Oregon Fruit, and Buchi Kombucha and they produce and/or have headquarters located in Oregon, Washington, Louisiana, New Jersey, and North Carolina. 

Our Long-Term Relationship Strategy

One of the secrets to creating a savings annuity is a long-term relationship between CGG and our clients. As the formula for the deepest savings is volume + time, it is important for a supplier to feel they have the opportunity to keep our clients’ business if they perform on service, quality, and price. We have a track record of creating those relationships and thus have credibility with suppliers. If a supplier feels they have the opportunity to keep servicing our clients, they will work to give superior pricing. 

Short term relationships may save you money initially, but over the long term you’re leaving money on the table - and usually a lot of it. In an industry where transactional relationships are common, we build trust and long-term relationships. This means a long-term relationship between us and our clients, and between the suppliers we work with and our clients. Just imagine what savings of $100,000, $500,000 or more per year could do for your company. 

First Steps 

Once a potential client is interested in our approach, the next step is to evaluate their current volumes, growth projections, and pricing for key inputs which include glass bottles and other glass containers, cartons of all types, crowns and caps, dividers, carriers, and sugar.  If their current supply chain is compatible with our other clients, and it often but not always is, then we recommend discussing a relationship in more detail.