A Collaborative Concept for Food and Beverage Companies


Receive the benefits of scale while retaining your independence

Put most simply, Craft Growth Group helps small and medium sized Food and Beverage manufacturers save money. We partner with our clients to drive down input costs through combined purchasing power, our expertise, market intelligence, and supplier relationships. 

We get compensated through a share of the realized savings. In this way, clients are guaranteed lower net operating costs through any engagement with us. Our specific services include lowering input costs via supply contract negotiations, consulting to improve operations, long term strategic supply chain advice, and C-level to C-level strategic consulting to align goals and values with operational strategies.  

Craft Growth Group’s clients include Ninkasi Brewing Company, Big Sky Brewing Co., Oregon Brewing Company (Rogue Ales), Brew Dr. Kombucha, Big Easy Bucha, Oregon Fruit Products, and Stumptown Coffee. Our management team includes veterans of Craft Brew Alliance (a top 10 national craft brewery) including the former CEO, EVP of Operations, and Director of Purchasing and Planning.

Proven results

Since operations commenced, we have lowered procurement costs for every one of our clients, without experiencing the supply chain interruptions that often accompany supplier transitions. Our approach provides suppliers with a strong incentive as well– a larger volume base of clients, and built-in business development opportunities.   

Participation is easy

We make the process easy; our clients only participate in the specific purchasing opportunities that make sense for them.  So we might help improve supply of glass or cartons even while our clients continue to manage other inputs themselves. Our clients still manage forecasting, ordering and payments themselves - but at lower prices. We can also leverage our considerable experience to resolve vendor issues. 

If you are a craft food or beverage manufacturer with sales in the $10 to $100 million range, and interested in receiving the benefits of scale in procurement, please contact us.